about me

Name: Erin
Age: 18
Star sign: Scorpio
Country: Australia!

LOVE: iPhone, OPI, hairdressing, GHD, money, lollies, make-up, jewelry, beauty, piercings, going out, nail polish, cute texts, spending time with my family and friends, fashion, Pandora, fake nails, heels, art, decorating, scrap booking, yummy foods, tattoos, leopard print, glitter, nail art, konad, purple, ebay, hello kitty, make-overs, texting, cute earrings, custard, hair accessories, forever new. 

HATE: complaining, pain, fish & seafood- pretty much anything for the sea!, ripped tights, half tops, bragging, bitching, nagging, when people get hurt, racism, not having any money, having to save, pork, chocolate, cream, tuna.