Monday, June 13, 2011

My all time favorite products!

Here are some of my favorite products ever.

 From left to right TOP: Nivea- express hydration body lotion, Dove- beauty body lotion, Nak- dry shampoo for blonde's, Nivea- Daily essentials light moisturizing face cream
MIDDLE: My very first Franken (POM POM), OPI- Teenage dream, OPI- Do you lilac it?, Senche vite- Quick dry top coat, ORLY- bonder, Revlon- color stay in Buff, Smashbox - photo finish oil-free primer, MAC- Limited edition hello kitty liquid eyeliner in black, MAC- White gold pigment, MAC- Melon pigment
BOTTOM: Konad image plate- M57, MAC paint pot- Bare study, Revlon- all over eyeshadow brush

OPI- teenage dream. (so sorry about the poor lighting in this picture)
This is one of my all time favorite OPI polishes. I love all the glitter, big and small silver and pink micro glitter. The brush is a little too big for my nails but that's only because I have small hands. the only thing i hate about OPI polishes is that they are SO expensive in Australia and you can only get them from a limited amount of stores. OPI costs $20 and I only know of two stores in my state that sell it. If you don't have this polish already i suggest you go and get it.   

OPI- Do you lilac it?
My favorite colour is purple and this is my favorite polish ever! Its not a dark purple which is good because I don't really like dark shades of purple as much. The application is good because this polish is opaque in two coats. Again this OPI polish is really expensive but it is totally worth it, I wear this polish all the time because I love it so much.

Senche Vite- quick dry top coat
This is the best top coat I have. It doesn't chip or dis-colour the polish when you apply it. it lasts  at least 4-6 days without chipping which is amazing considering all the things you do while your wearing nail polish. I defiantly recommend you go and buy this top coat if you don't already have it. Its amazing!

ORLY- bonder (base coat)
Although i have only used this 5-6 times since I got it, it is the best base coat I have compared to the sinful colours and china glaze ones.It is like rubber, it sticks to your nails and the polish you apply over the top sticks to it as well.

Smashbox- photo finish oil-free primer
My first primer. Since I got this primer, I have not tried any other ones, that is how good it is! i have big pores around my nose so this covers them up amazingly. It keeps my makeup on all day and 
I have had hardly any pimples since I have started using it. i HIGHLY recommend this primer! 

Revlon- colorstay in Buff
I wear this liquid foundation every day. It is my favorite full-coverage base because it isn't too thick and I need to cover-up the scars on my nose and forehead. It is water-proof which is good in summer for swimming, and is easy to remove with make-up remover.

MAC- white gold pigment
This was the first MAC pigment i brought and i fell in love with it. its such an unusual colour because its white base has small gold pigments in it. its a great highlighter and i use it as a base.

MAC- Melon pigment
i loveeeeeeee this pigment. its unlink any other pigment I have seen before. It is such a beautiful colour and suits my skin tone. I wear this nearly every day because it looks really good with my eyes and I just love it. Its a great pigment for day and night-time wear!

MAC- limited edition hello kitty liquid eyeliner
The tip of this brush is perfect for my eyes because it is small. The application is a little hard because the brush isnt bent but it is still okay. I love this mainly because it is hello kitty, other then that it is just like the normal MAC liquid eyeliner.

MAC- paint pot in bare study
Sorry I didnt get to take a picture of  the inside of the pot because my camera died. But heres a link to have a look at it HERE. Makeup alley also gives it a 4.2 our of 5.I love this eye primer because it is a cute shimmery beige colour. I sometimes wear it as a eyeshadow by its self because its so beasutiful. It keeps my eye makeup looking fresh all day and night.

Nivea- daily essentials light moistorizing day cream
I use this on my face before I go to bed because it is so light. It is not sticky or heavy which is good for my face because it is dry in some spots but oily in others so its a nutural moistorizer for my face.

NAK- dry shampoo for blondes
This is a life saver. My hair tends to go a bit 'oily' after the day I washed it. You just spray it on your hair, brush it out, and it looks clean again. You can also buy it in different hair colours, or one for all hair colours. Definatly get a dry shampoo if you dont already have one.

Dove- beauty body lotion
I use this as an everyday moitorizer because its not too heavy and it is just perfect for my skin. This also has the best smell to it as well.

Nivea- Express Hydration body lotion
I use this on my legs because they are always so dry (i dont know why) Its a deep mostorizer which works quickly to give your skin some moisture. I definatly suggest people with dry skin to get this because it works a treat.

Finally it is the end of my post, sorry it was so long. xx

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cel's first blog birthday giveaway

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Enamelgirl's 1st Blog Anniversary Giveaway

Enamelgirl's 1st Blog Anniversary Giveaway

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

canadiannailfanatic's giveaway

canadiannailfanatic is having an OPI giveaway.

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sarah from spellblindingnails' giveaway!

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

just a quick update.

so last time I blogged I told you all I was getting my wisdom teeth out.That was a month ago and I'm still recovering. The whole experience was very scary, slow and not to mention painful. I am absolutely terrified of hospitals and needles so it wasn't a good experience, but I am happy to say its all over.

What i really came to blog about was that i won a giveaway *YAY*
The lovely Diana from paintedladyfingers had this very generous giveaway that has lots of exciting i wanted to try and i won! heres the link:

thanks so much Diana i cant wait to try everything!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

so today i sat at home trying to decide what to make my headder/banner look like; and this is my temp one. im still contemplating on what i want for it. so if anyone has any ideas that would be great :)
THANKYOU to my first 3 followers. it means alot and hopefully i will get a couple more :)

in the last month i have brought alot of nail stuff from ebay, and i now have a good box of nail items :)

On monday i go into hospital for my operation. pretty scary really considering i hate hospitals, needles and everything like that with a passion, but wish me luck. hopefully after it i will feel well enough to blog. fingers crossed.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Madiha's 900+ follower giveaway.

Madiha from has this awesome sigma and MAC giveaway!

there are two prizes for this giveaway: the first being the sigma travel brush pack, and the second being 4 sample size mac pigments of your choice!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mode enamel haul!

I went to the doctors today, and found out I have Bronchitis, the doctor gave me my prescription and I popped into the chemist. My local chemist had a massive brand new Mode nail enamel stand! I was so excited seeing it because I thought that when they sold out of mode last time, they wouldnt re-stock it, but thankfully they did and they were having a sale: 3 polishes for $6. I couldn't help myself! Here's what I got:

From left to right: Blueberry, Blue steel, Party crasher, Cool as, Coral (jelly), Hook me up, Parisian, Diamante and top coat.

Can't wait to try there baby's out. I think I'm going to go for the jelly coral with Diamante on top.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Renays sigma brush kit giveaway!

Renay from has got an amazing sigma brush kit giveaway!

i personally have not tried sigma brushes but i have read a few reviews and would love to try them and write a review!


nail crazy's fantastic giveaway! is having a very generious giveaway !
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Megan's "Take that, 36" Giveaway!

Megan from is giving away two amazing packages for her 36th birthday.

Prize one includes the China Glaze Anchors Away Sand & Sea collection
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- Sunset Sail
- White Cap
Lippmann Glitter in the Air
Prize 2 includes the China Glaze Knotty Nauticals colection
- Ahoy!
- First Mate
- Hey Sailor
- Life Preserver
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Lippmann Happy Birthday

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

De Lorenzo silver shampoo for Blonde hair REVIEW

Now personally i am a De Lorenzo fanatic. I love how all their products are influenced by nature and they use as little harmful chemicals they can mixed in with  natural oils, protein and moisture to make a perfect combination which all products most importantly, have perfect PH levels between 4.5 and 5.5.

All 14 Novafusion colour care Shampoos are formulated with UV inhibitors to enhance your natural or professional colour, control colour fade 
or reduce unwanted brassy tones. Novafusion contains native plant extracts including Kakadu Plum and Rooibos, Birch and Willowbark extracts for soft, shiny hair.

This is nova fusions colour care shampoo in 'silver' (for blonde hair), it is a royal blue/dark voilet colour and at first i was scared to use it because i thought it would turn my hair blue, but that is not the case. I use my De Lorenzo moisture balance shampoo which cleans my hair first and then i use the silver shampoo after.

As i said before they use natural oils and plant extracts, which i find leaves my hair healthier compared to using supermarket shampoo. I prefer to use a brand that has as little harmful chemicals as possible because they damage your hair and make it brittle and break easily.
It helps prevent your hair from getting those brassy tones, which is especially good for us blonde girls because i hate having ugly orange tones.
There are two sizes you can buy - The 250ml and the 500ml. I think the 250ml bottle is good for new customers/users because it is a bit cheaper and it is the smallest bottle so if you don't like it you aren't stuck with a big waste of money and a lot of left over shampoo. I usually get the 500ml bottle because i find it lasts longer because it is bigger and I don't have to go and buy it every month.

The only con is the price. 
Because De Lorenzo is a salon brand not a supermarket brand it is more expensive. The retail price in Australia for the 250ml bottle is $25.00 and the 500ml bottle is $35.00. You can get them both from hair house ware house which is normally on the expensive side, or from a salon that stocks De Lorenzo but the price varies.

I would most definitely encourage all blondes to try this wonderful product. It is a great shampoo and works well on my blonde hair keeping it orange free, and also healthy, soft and strong.

you can see De Lorenzo's full product range at:

DISCLAIMER: Everything written above is my own opinion. I was not influenced in any way other then my love for this product.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


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